May 13, 2013

Cooking is exciting !!!

It all started with having abought the nice king prawns ...

It all started with having bought the nice king prawns …

My first try to do Sushi: Fun and very delicious !! Try it yourself.

February 25, 2013

Variety is everything !

I discovered that a variety of dishes is really inspiring !

Just need more people enjoying eating, too.

Today: Broccoli with melted cheese, cheese board with 4 different kinds of cheese, homemade bread, tomato mozzarella, roasted potatoes, filled mushrooms with goats cheese, olive oil to dip) – organic, sure.

Enjoy !!

February 13, 2013

Who says pralines should be always made of chocolate ?

I love them – and will celebrate Valentine’s day ‘in my way’:

Happy Valentine to all of you !!


December 12, 2012

Magic day today !!

HOW Fantastic: 12/12/12 – could you feel the positive energy at around 12:12 – wonderful !!


August 13, 2012

‘Love is all there is !’


I’m obviously ‘getting there’ – more close / changing my blog all the time . Exciting !!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do … THANKS !!!

July 2, 2012

Water as a wonderful ‘drink’ to refresh and strengthen

I love drinking warm water, always have a few cups during the day. Boiled in advance, it seems to be nicer for my body energies. Served in an old-fashioned German tea-cup – GREAT !!

May 21, 2012

Hoisin sauce, homemade

I’d love to make my own hoisin sauce – it is soooo delicious with meat, especially on the barbecue. Just on the search for ‘THE’ recipe – any ideas ??

April 21, 2012

Mindfulness – my love for life

I added another page: Mindfulness – a ‘discovery’ for my life.

Cooking in a mindful (organic) way, growing my own vegetables, meditation and yoga regularly to strengthen my body and soul: I started to feel ‘the flow’ !!

March 1, 2012

Fish cooking

A few weeks ago I started to eat much more fish than before ( with lots of vegetables, sure) – it is absolutely fantastic !!! My body feels balanced; and it is so exciting to discover new ways of cooking/preparing fish: To marinate is just one subject which is totally different to meat cooking. And fish looks so beautiful !! Nice as well to discover locally caught fish, such as ‘boring’ mackerel or sardines. (Before I have to start learning fishing, I mean.)

February 28, 2012

Organic mango chutney today

Absolutely delicious: The mangos were so beautiful and juicy – there was no other way than cooking mango chutney with them. Dipping pappodums into it – a dream !